IIT JEE Mains Syllabus 2018

IIT JEE Mains Syllabus 2018

With 2018 round the corner the preparations have all geared up to crack joint entrance examination mains (JEE Mains 2018). Every year hordes of students turn up for the exam to get admission to best of the engineering and architecture colleges. With two papers under its court, the paper gives students opportunity to get admission to their desired courses. While cracking paper 1 leads to admission in B.E./B.Tech courses. At the same time paper 2 allows to go for B.Arch/B.Planning courses.
But it is essential at the same time to account for right syllabus so as that things don’t fall out of place later on. Within same regard JEE Mains 2018 syllabus incorporates sections from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics out of which questions will come forth in the exam. For a relief for students CBSE has this year also stood on the same grounds thereby not making any changes in the overall syllabus for the candidates. Furthermore as a benefit to the students the syllabus makes round along 11th and 12th composition itself. So preparing for the qualifying exam itself will make students cover most of the syllabus for JEE Mains 2018  as well. Checkout the Paper 1 and Paper 2 syllabus mentioned clearly herein.

JEE MAINS 2018 – PAPER 1 ( for B.E/B.Tech )

The paper requires students to cover topics from three subject matter including physics, chemistry and mathematics. Have a look over the syllabus for each here.


  1. Unit, dimension, measurement
  2. Kinematics
  3. Newtons laws of motion
  4. Circular motion
  5. Work, power, energy
  6. Momentum and collision
  7. Centre of mass and Inertia
  8. Rotational dynamics
  9. Elasticity, Calorimetry and Thermal expansion
  10. Kinetic Theory of gases and Thermodynamics
  11. Simple Harmonic Motion
  12. Mechanical Waves
  13. Fluid Mechanics
  14. Errors in Measurements and Instruments
  15. Geometrical Optics
  16. Wave Optics
  17. Electrostatics
  18. Gravitation
  19. Current Electricity
  20. Capacitance
  21. Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism
  22. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
  23. Nuclear physics and radioactivity
  24. Dual nature of matter and radiation
  25. Electronic devices
  26. Communication systems
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  1. Periodic table and properties
  2. Mole concept
  3. Nomenclature of organic compounds
  4. Chemical bonding
  5. Gaseous state
  6. Electronic displacement effect
  7. Atomic structure
  8. Isomerism
  9. Redox and equivalent concepts
  10. Chemical and ionic equilibrium
  11. Chemical kinetics
  12. Nuclear chemistry and Radioactivity
  13. Halogen Derivative
  14. Co-ordination Compounds
  15. Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
  16. Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  17. Liquid Solution & Surface Chemistry
  18. Metallurgy
  19. Alcohol & Ether
  20. Phenol
  21. Solid State
  22. Qualitative Analysis
  23. Carbonyl compounds
  24. s, p, d & f block elements
  25. Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry
  26. Electrochemistry
  27. Biomolecules
  28. Polymers
  29. Carboxylic acids & its derivative
  30. Amines
  31. Practical Organic Chemistry


  1. Logarithms and Expressions
  2. Compound angles
  3. Quadratic equations and expressions
  4. Sequence and progression
  5. Trigonometric functions, equations and inequalities
  6. Solutions of triangle
  7. Straight line and pair of lines
  8. Circles
  9. Permutation and combination
  10. Binomial Theorem
  11. Sets, relations, functions
  12. Mathematical induction and reasoning
  13. Limit, Continuity, Derivability
  14. Method of differentiation
  15. Indefinite Integral
  16. Definite Integral
  17. Application of Derivatives
  18. Determinant & Matrices
  19. Vectors
  20. 3-dimensional geometry
  21. Probability
  22. Differential Equation
  23. Area under curve
  24. Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola
  25. Complex Number
  26. Statistics

JEE MAINS 2018 – PAPER 2 (for B.Arch/B.Planning )


Desiring to get admission in B.Arch & B.Planning courses through JEE Mains, you need to mind map the prescribed syllabus for result-oriented preparation. There are no changes in the JEE Mains Exam Syllabus in 2018. The Syllabus will remain same as it was in 2017.

Syllabus :

Mathematics – Part I

 Aptitude Test – Part II

Drawing Test – Part III

Three dimensional – perception: Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportion of objects, building forms and elements.Color texture, harmony and contrast.Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil.Transformation of forms both 2 D and 3 D union, subtraction, rotation, development of surfaces and volumes, Generation of Plan, elevations and 3 D views of objects.Creating two dimensional and three-dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms. Sketching of scenes and activities from memory, landscape etc.

So gear up students for the JEE Mains 2018  covering the entire syllabus effectively thereby getting you a seat in your best college thereafter. All the best!

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